Wall of Love

This program far exceeded my expectations. A fun, rigorous course geared to give value regardless of your level of expertise. The mainly evening schedule works well if you are working and the networking is invaluable.

— Bill Skidd (@BillSkidd)


Pomp's course is awesome! If you're a non-technical person looking for a job in crypto or just want to learn and meet cool people, you should consider taking Pomp's course. The community we developed in my cohort was great. The course helped us take the first steps in creating our own content. For example, people in my cohort started podcasts and newsletters and all of us made a video! Also the crypto jobs fair was great and I feel confident in my ability to discuss typical interview topics. Coaches helped out a ton and getting to ask Pomp questions live was sweet!

—  Dimitri Roumeliotis (@defiDimitri)


Pomp & his team of coaches has done an excellent job with this course! It's applicable to everyone regardless if you're new or super experienced/technical to the crypto space. The community & its collaboration with other crypto space partners (like Blockfi, Coinbase, etc) are priceless incentives which gives a great head start to anyone who's passionate about joining the world of crypto!

— Olsen Goh (@Uncle_0llie)


I went in to Pomp's Crypto course knowing that I wanted to experience crypto firsthand, to meet people in the space who could explain the thoughts I was already having. (Call it confirmation bias). I achieved that and much more. I gained friendships, colleagues, bound myself to new opportunities, and I'm not even close to using this class to its full potential yet. The best part? I don't have to be close, because I'm in for life, and I've got time.

— Shawn Amick (@Fall_Of_Fiat)


This course was everything I wanted when looking to educate myself on crypto and bitcoin. The format is very friendly for any level of knowledge and even for those with a better knowledge, there is always something new to learn. I might even take this course a second time!

— Javier Rodriguez (@javiearc)


As someone relatively new to crypto, this course provided a wealth of knowledge & resources from pomp and the other coaches. I've loved networking with my cohort and I feel like I have a solid footing for looking for jobs in the crypto industry, though still much to learn!

— Alex Brodbeck (@abrod_)


For anyone seeking to learn about Bitcoin and blockchain as a beginner or to go a little deeper if some previous knowledge exists, this course is for you! Pomp's Crypto Course provides direct instruction from subject matter experts, deep dive and breakout sessions to explore specific topics, social events, learning assignments, the opportunity to meet with hiring company's in the industry, and you will be plugged into an incredible network. Pomp's Crypto Course has my 100% endorsement as a former student.

— Chad James


Pomp's Crypto Academy helped me to accelerate my learning and make a successful career pivot to a brand new industry. The combination of self-study and live discussion groups brought my knowledge to a new level that will benefit me both personally and professionally. This is a challenging few weeks, but worth the investment for those who are serious about honing their skillset.

— Justin Mitchell (@Justin_Positive)


As a true beginner (less than 5 months learning about crypto), Pomp's Crypto Academy gave me the resources, and more importantly the connections, to navigate the crypto world. I would highly recommend to anyone who is sure they want to dive into crypto and never look back!

— Irving Navarro (@IrvGODDi)


Since I am pretty knowledgeable in the crypto world, I was not expecting to learn too much. I genuinely wanted to expand my network in the crypto world. This course did that and more! I extracted the most value from the social zoom sessions in which we were able to get into breakout rooms and meet people from all over the world! I also was able to clear my vision with respect to how I'd like to transition into a crypto career! (Analytics/Data Science)

— Christopher Garcia (@CryptoGodson)


I was searching for a network of like-minded people, a professional staff that could engage its participants, resources to draw upon for reference, and a modular based curriculum to enhance my knowledge of Bitcoin, blockchain, and future experimentation of cryptosphere. The Pomp Crypto Course met those expectations. Pomp for Prez!

— Ransom Kong (@ransomkong)


Pomp's Crypto Course was truly fantastic. The knowledge shared by Pomp and all of the coaches was top class, and this course comes exactly as advertised. I came in thinking I had pretty decent knowledge of Bitcoin and the crypto ecosystems, but I was blown away by the new knowledge and resources that this course brought me. The continued learning that Pomp and the coaches push is great too, and it has inspired me to continue to use the resources provided to keep learning all I can about Bitcoin and crypto. The Crypto Academy community that Pomp and the coaches are building is a great networking tool and I'm excited to see where myself and fellow students will take their ideas and careers.

— Nick Goulet (@NickGoulaid)


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